In Search of Beauty

“In Search of Beauty” is a comprehensive summary of form and surface experimentations. An expression of searching for beauty amidst a time of grief, the visual compendium is a small booklet that opens up as a larger poster. 

I created the photogram images by using cutouts of typographic forms and light-sensitive paper. Typeset in an experimental manner, meditative journal entries of the creative process serves twofold: both as the main content of the compendium in booklet form, and as visual depth and balance to the poster as a whole. 

The visual elements and content of the compendium connect the process of sculpting with light and comprehending loss by prompting readers to “embrace uncertainty.”

“I believe in our core as human beings we strive for the things of life because, in spite of death, we continue to create things of meaning and of purpose. As designers, we create things that reflect the essence of human living. With paper, ink, words, and images, we endeavor to bring another level of depth to communication, leave an impression, motivate a response. We breathe life into objects of the inanimate because we, ourselves, strive to live.” 

— excerpt from “In Search of Beauty”

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