In November of 2013, the non-profit organization Hope Dies Last (HDL) hosted an international anti-human trafficking conference in Hamburg, Germany. To promote the conference, I designed a set of stickers for HDL. In the days leading up to the conference, a brigade of art students covered the streets of Hamburg with thousands of stickers that not only raised awareness of human trafficking in Europe, but also prompted action in the Reeperbahn red-light district. 

The name of the conference, “OBJECT”, comes from both the noun and verb forms of the word: to object the objectification of human beings. Since a majority of trafficked victims come from Central Asia and Eastern Europe, I created a graphic style harkening back to 20th century Eastern Europe propaganda, utilizing clean lines and geometric typography. English and German translations of the messages serve to cater a broader international audience. 

people are priceless.
Menschen sind unbezahlbar. 

seek love, not sex.
such Liebe, keinen Sex. 

buy food, not women.
kauf Essen, keine Frauen.